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Future changes in rainfall associated with ENSO, IOD and changes in the mean state over Eastern Africa [期刊论文]
Climate Dynamics, 2019-01-01, 52 (2019-03-04
Endris H.S.;  Lennard C.;  Hewitson B.;  Dosio A.;  Nikulin G.;  Artan G.A.
Simulation of medicanes over the Mediterranean Sea in a regional climate model ensemble: impact of ocean–atmosphere coupling and increased resolution [期刊论文]
Climate Dynamics, 2018-01-01, 51 (3
Gaertner M.Á.;  González-Alemán J.J.;  Romera R.;  Domínguez M.;  Gil V.;  Sánchez E.;  Gallardo C.;  Miglietta M.M.;  Walsh K.J.E.;  Sein D.V.;  Somot S.;  Dell’Aquila A.;  Teichmann C.;  Ahrens B.;  Buonomo E.;  Colette A.;  Bastin S.;  van Meijgaard E.;  Nikulin G.
Future changes in European severe convection environments in a regional climate model ensemble [期刊论文]
Journal of Climate, 2017-01-01, 30 (17
Púčik T.;  Groenemeijer P.;  Rädler A.T.;  Tijssen L.;  Nikulin G.;  Prein A.F.;  Meijgaard E.;  Fealy R.;  Jacob D.;  Teichmann C.
Regional Arctic sea ice variations as predictor for winter climate conditions [期刊论文]
Climate Dynamics, 2016-01-01, 46 (2017-01-02
Koenigk T.;  Caian M.;  Nikulin G.;  Schimanke S.
Precipitation in the EURO-CORDEX 0.11∘ and 0.44∘ simulations: high resolution, high benefits? [期刊论文]
Climate Dynamics, 2016-01-01, 46 (2017-01-02
Prein A.F.;  Gobiet A.;  Truhetz H.;  Keuler K.;  Goergen K.;  Teichmann C.;  Fox Maule C.;  van Meijgaard E.;  Déqué M.;  Nikulin G.;  Vautard R.;  Colette A.;  Kjellström E.;  Jacob D.
Spatial distribution of precipitation annual cycles over South Africa in 10 CORDEX regional climate model present-day simulations [期刊论文]
Climate Dynamics, 2016-01-01, 46 (2017-05-06
Favre A.;  Philippon N.;  Pohl B.;  Kalognomou E.-A.;  Lennard C.;  Hewitson B.;  Nikulin G.;  Dosio A.;  Panitz H.-J.;  Cerezo-Mota R.
Teleconnection responses in multi-GCM driven CORDEX RCMs over Eastern Africa [期刊论文]
Climate Dynamics, 2016-01-01, 46 (2017-09-10
Endris H.S.;  Lennard C.;  Hewitson B.;  Dosio A.;  Nikulin G.;  Panitz H.-J.
Daily precipitation statistics in a EURO-CORDEX RCM ensemble: added value of raw and bias-corrected high-resolution simulations [期刊论文]
Climate Dynamics, 2016-01-01, 47 (2017-03-04
Casanueva A.;  Kotlarski S.;  Herrera S.;  Fernández J.;  Gutiérrez J.M.;  Boberg F.;  Colette A.;  Christensen O.B.;  Goergen K.;  Jacob D.;  Keuler K.;  Nikulin G.;  Teichmann C.;  Vautard R.
Evaluation and projections of extreme precipitation over southern Africa from two CORDEX models [期刊论文]
Climatic Change, 2016-01-01, 135 (2018-03-04
Pinto I.;  Lennard C.;  Tadross M.;  Hewitson B.;  Dosio A.;  Nikulin G.;  Panitz H.-J.;  Shongwe M.E.
Age Specific Survival Rates of Steller Sea Lions at Rookeries with Divergent Population Trends in the Russian Far East [期刊论文]
PLOS ONE, 2015-01-01, 10 (5
Alexey V. Altukhov;  Russel D. Andrews;  Donald G. Calkins;  Thomas S. Gelatt;  Eliezer D. Gurarie;  Thomas R. Loughlin;  Evgeny G. Mamaev;  Victor S. Nikulin;  Peter A. Permyakov;  Sergey D. Ryazanov;  Vladimir V. Vertyankin;  Vladimir N. Burkanov
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