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Chromosome-scale genomes provide new insights into subspecies divergence and evolutionary characteristics of the giant panda [期刊论文]
Science Bulletin, 2021-01-01,
Guang X.;  Lan T.;  Wan Q.-H.;  Huang Y.;  Li H.;  Zhang M.;  Li R.;  Zhang Z.;  Lei Y.;  Zhang L.;  Zhang H.;  Li D.;  Li X.;  Li H.;  Xu Y.;  Qiao M.;  Wu D.;  Tang K.;  Zhao P.;  Lin J.-Q.;  Kumar Sahu S.;  Liang Q.;  Jiang W.;  Zhang D.;  Xu X.;  Liu X.;  Lisby M.;  Yang H.;  Kristiansen K.;  Liu H.;  Fang S.-G.
C:N stoichiometry of stable and labile organic compounds determine priming patterns [期刊论文]
Geoderma, 2020-01-01, 362
Liu M.;  Qiao N.;  Xu X.;  Fang H.;  Wang H.;  Kuzyakov Y.
Direct and indirect effects of climate on richness drive the latitudinal diversity gradient in forest trees [期刊论文]
Ecology Letters, 2019-01-01, 22 (2
Chu C.;  Lutz J.A.;  Král K.;  Vrška T.;  Yin X.;  Myers J.A.;  Abiem I.;  Alonso A.;  Bourg N.;  Burslem D.F.R.P.;  Cao M.;  Chapman H.;  Condit R.;  Fang S.;  Fischer G.A.;  Gao L.;  Hao Z.;  Hau B.C.H.;  He Q.;  Hector A.;  Hubbell S.P.;  Jiang M.;  Jin G.;  Kenfack D.;  Lai J.;  Li B.;  Li X.;  Li Y.;  Lian J.;  Lin L.;  Liu Y.;  Liu Y.;  Luo Y.;  Ma K.;  McShea W.;  Memiaghe H.;  Mi X.;  Ni M.;  O'Brien M.J.;  de Oliveira A.A.;  Orwig D.A.;  Parker G.G.;  Qiao X.;  Ren H.;  Reynolds G.;  Sang W.;  Shen G.;  Su Z.;  Sui X.;  Sun I.-F.;  Tian S.;  Wang B.;  Wang X.;  Wang X.;  Wang Y.;  Weiblen G.D.;  Wen S.;  Xi N.;  Xiang W.;  Xu H.;  Xu K.;  Ye W.;  Zhang B.;  Zhang J.;  Zhang X.;  Zhang Y.;  Zhu K.;  Zimmerman J.;  Storch D.;  Baltzer J.L.;  Anderson-Teixeira K.J.;  Mittelbach G.G.;  He F.
Desertification control on soil inorganic and organic carbon accumulation in the topsoil of desert grassland in Ningxia, northwest China [期刊论文]
ECOLOGICAL ENGINEERING, 2019-01-01, 127) : 348-355
An, Hui;  Li, Qiao-Ling;  Yan, Xin;  Wu, Xiu-Zhi;  Liu, Ren-tao;  Fang, Yan
Low carbon effects of urban underground space [期刊论文]
SUSTAINABLE CITIES AND SOCIETY, 2019-01-01, 45) : 451-459
Qiao, Yong-Kang;  Peng, Fang-Le;  Sabri, Soheil;  Rajabifard, Abbas
Developing a Social-Ecological-Environmental System Framework to Address Climate Change Impacts in the North Pacific [期刊论文]
Bograd, Steven J.;  Kang, Sukyung;  Di Lorenzo, Emanuele;  Horii, Toyomitsu;  Katugin, Oleg N.;  King, Jackie R.;  Lobanov, Vyacheslav B.;  Makino, Mitsutaku;  Na, Guangshui;  Perry, R. Ian;  Qiao, Fangli;  Rykaczewski, Ryan R.;  Saito, Hiroaki;  Therriault, Thomas W.;  Yoo, Sinjae;  Batchelder, Hal
Symbiotic Bacteria in Gills and Guts of Chinese Mitten Crab (Eriocheir sinensis) Differ from the Free-Living Bacteria in Water [期刊论文]
PLOS ONE, 2016-01-01, 11 (1
Meiling Zhang;  Yuhong Sun;  Liqiao Chen;  Chunfang Cai;  Fang Qiao;  Zhenyu Du;  Erchao Li
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Paleomagnetic and astronomical dating of sediment core BH08 from the Bohai Sea, China: Implications for glacial-interglacial sedimentation [期刊论文]
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 2014-01-01, 393
Yao Z.;  Shi X.;  Liu Q.;  Liu Y.;  Larrasoaña J.C.;  Liu J.;  Ge S.;  Wang K.;  Qiao S.;  Li X.;  Shi F.;  Fang X.;  Yu Y.;  Yang G.;  Duan Z.