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Discrepancy between simulated and observed ethane and propane levels explained by underestimated fossil emissions /704/106/35/824 /704/172/169/824 /119 article [期刊论文]
Nature Geoscience, 2018-01-01, 11 (3
Dalsøren S.B.;  Myhre G.;  Hodnebrog O.;  Myhre C.L.;  Stohl A.;  Pisso I.;  Schwietzke S.;  Höglund-Isaksson L.;  Helmig D.;  Reimann S.;  Sauvage S.;  Schmidbauer N.;  Read K.A.;  Carpenter L.J.;  Lewis A.C.;  Punjabi S.;  Wallasch M.
Ambient mixing ratios of atmospheric halogenated compounds at five background stations in China [期刊论文]
Atmospheric Environment, 2017-01-01, 160
Zhang G;  , Yao B;  , Vollmer M;  K;  , Montzka S;  A;  , Mühle J;  , Weiss R;  F;  , O'Doherty S;  , Li Y;  , Fang S;  , Reimann S
European emissions of the powerful greenhouse gases hydrofluorocarbons inferred from atmospheric measurements and their comparison with annual national reports to UNFCCC [期刊论文]
Atmospheric Environment, 2017-01-01, 158
Graziosi F;  , Arduini J;  , Furlani F;  , Giostra U;  , Cristofanelli P;  , Fang X;  , Hermanssen O;  , Lunder C;  , Maenhout G;  , O'Doherty S;  , Reimann S;  , Schmidbauer N;  , Vollmer M;  K;  , Young D;  , Maione M
Late Pleistocene to Holocene alluvial tableland formation in an intra-mountainous basin in a tectonically active mountain belt - A case study in the Puli Basin, central Taiwan [期刊论文]
Quaternary Science Reviews, 2016-01-01, 132
Tseng C.-H.;  Lüthgens C.;  Tsukamoto S.;  Reimann T.;  Frechen M.;  Böse M.
Reversal of global atmospheric ethane and propane trends largely due to US oil and natural gas production [期刊论文]
Nature Geoscience, 2016-01-01, 9 (7
Helmig D.;  Rossabi S.;  Hueber J.;  Tans P.;  Montzka S.A.;  Masarie K.;  Thoning K.;  Plass-Duelmer C.;  Claude A.;  Carpenter L.J.;  Lewis A.C.;  Punjabi S.;  Reimann S.;  Vollmer M.K.;  Steinbrecher R.;  Hannigan J.W.;  Emmons L.K.;  Mahieu E.;  Franco B.;  Smale D.;  Pozzer A.
First observations, trends, and emissions of HCFC-31 (CH2ClF) in the global atmosphere [期刊论文]
Geophysical Research Letters, 2015-01-01, 42 (18
Schoenenberger F.;  Vollmer M.K.;  Rigby M.;  Hill M.;  Fraser P.J.;  Krummel P.B.;  Langenfelds R.L.;  Rhee T.S.;  Peter T.;  Reimann S.
Abrupt reversal in emissions and atmospheric abundance of HCFC-133a (CF3CH2Cl) [期刊论文]
Geophysical Research Letters, 2015-01-01, 42 (20
Vollmer M.K.;  Rigby M.;  Laube J.C.;  Henne S.;  Rhee T.S.;  Gooch L.J.;  Wenger A.;  Young D.;  Steele L.P.;  Langenfelds R.L.;  Brenninkmeijer C.A.M.;  Wang J.-L.;  Ou-Yang C.-F.;  Wyss S.A.;  Hill M.;  Oram D.E.;  Krummel P.B.;  Schoenenberger F.;  Zellweger C.;  Fraser P.J.;  Sturges W.T.;  O'Doherty S.;  Reimann S.
Growth in stratospheric chlorine from short-lived chemicals not controlled by the Montreal Protocol [期刊论文]
Geophysical Research Letters, 2015-01-01, 42 (11
Hossaini R.;  Chipperfield M.P.;  Saiz-Lopez A.;  Harrison J.J.;  Von Glasow R.;  Sommariva R.;  Atlas E.;  Navarro M.;  Montzka S.A.;  Feng W.;  Dhomse S.;  Harth C.;  Mühle J.;  Lunder C.;  O'Doherty S.;  Young D.;  Reimann S.;  Vollmer M.K.;  Krummel P.B.;  Bernath P.F.
Modern inhalation anesthetics: Potent greenhouse gases in the global atmosphere [期刊论文]
Geophysical Research Letters, 2015-01-01, 42 (5
Vollmer M.K.;  Rhee T.S.;  Rigby M.;  Hofstetter D.;  Hill M.;  Schoenenberger F.;  Reimann S.
HFC-43-10mee atmospheric abundances and global emission estimates [期刊论文]
Geophysical Research Letters, 2014-01-01, 41 (6
Arnold T.;  Ivy D.J.;  Harth C.M.;  Vollmer M.K.;  Mühle J.;  Salameh P.K.;  Paul Steele L.;  Krummel P.B.;  Wang R.H.J.;  Young D.;  Lunder C.R.;  Hermansen O.;  Rhee T.S.;  Kim J.;  Reimann S.;  O'Doherty S.;  Fraser P.J.;  Simmonds P.G.;  Prinn R.G.;  Weiss R.F.

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