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Simulating soil organic carbon in yedoma deposits during the Last Glacial Maximum in a land surface model [期刊论文]
Geophysical Research Letters, 2016-01-01, 43 (10
Zhu D.;  Peng S.;  Ciais P.;  Zech R.;  Krinner G.;  Zimov S.;  Grosse G.
Evaluation of air-soil temperature relationships simulated by land surface models during winter across the permafrost region [期刊论文]
Cryosphere, 2016-01-01, 10 (4
Wang W;  , Rinke A;  , Moore J;  C;  , Ji D;  , Cui X;  , Peng S;  , Lawrence D;  M;  , McGuire A;  D;  , Burke E;  J;  , Chen X;  , Decharme B;  , Koven C;  , MacDougall A;  , Saito K;  , Zhang W;  , Alkama R;  , Bohn T;  J;  , Ciais P;  , Delire C;  , Gouttevin I;  , Hajima T;  , Krinner G;  , Lettenmaier D;  P;  , Miller P;  A;  , Smith B;  , Sueyoshi T;  , Sherstiukov A;  B
Simulated high-latitude soil thermal dynamics during the past 4 decades [期刊论文]
Cryosphere, 2016-01-01, 10 (1
Peng S;  , Ciais P;  , Krinner G;  , Wang T;  , Gouttevin I;  , McGuire A;  D;  , Lawrence D;  , Burke E;  , Chen X;  , Decharme B;  , Koven C;  , MacDougall A;  , Rinke A;  , Saito K;  , Zhang W;  , Alkama R;  , Bohn T;  J;  , Delire C;  , Hajima T;  , Ji D;  , Lettenmaier D;  P;  , Miller P;  A;  , Moore J;  C;  , Smith B;  , Sueyoshi T
Variability in the sensitivity among model simulations of permafrost and carbon dynamics in the permafrost region between 1960 and 2009 [期刊论文]
Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 2016-01-01, 30 (7
McGuire A;  D;  , Koven C;  , Lawrence D;  M;  , Clein J;  S;  , Xia J;  , Beer C;  , Burke E;  , Chen G;  , Chen X;  , Delire C;  , Jafarov E;  , MacDougall A;  H;  , Marchenko S;  , Nicolsky D;  , Peng S;  , Rinke A;  , Saito K;  , Zhang W;  , Alkama R;  , Bohn T;  J;  , Ciais P;  , Decharme B;  , Ekici A;  , Gouttevin I;  , Hajima T;  , Hayes D;  J;  , Ji D;  , Krinner G;  , Lettenmaier D;  P;  , Luo Y;  , Miller P;  A;  , Moore J;  C;  , Romanovsky V;  , Schädel C;  , Schaefer K;  , Schuur E;  A;  G;  , Smith B;  , Sueyoshi T;  , Zhuang Q
Permafrost carbon as a missing link to explain CO 2 changes during the last deglaciation [期刊论文]
Nature Geoscience, 2016-01-01, 9 (9
Crichton K.A.;  Bouttes N.;  Roche D.M.;  Chappellaz J.;  Krinner G.
Century-scale simulations of the response of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet to a warming climate [期刊论文]
Cryosphere, 2015-01-01, 9 (4
Cornford S;  L;  , Martin D;  F;  , Payne A;  J;  , Ng E;  G;  , Le Brocq A;  M;  , Gladstone R;  M;  , Edwards T;  L;  , Shannon S;  R;  , Agosta C;  , Van Den Broeke M;  R;  , Hellmer H;  H;  , Krinner G;  , Ligtenberg S;  R;  M;  , Timmermann R;  , Vaughan D;  G
Site-level model intercomparison of high latitude and high altitude soil thermal dynamics in tundra and barren landscapes [期刊论文]
Cryosphere, 2015-01-01, 9 (4
Ekici A;  , Chadburn S;  , Chaudhary N;  , Hajdu L;  H;  , Marmy A;  , Peng S;  , Boike J;  , Burke E;  , Friend A;  D;  , Hauck C;  , Krinner G;  , Langer M;  , Miller P;  A;  , Beer C
Oceanic forcing of Antarctic climate change: A study using a stretched-grid atmospheric general circulation model [期刊论文]
Journal of Climate, 2014-01-01, 27 (15
Krinner G.;  Largeron C.;  Ménégoz M.;  Agosta C.;  Brutel-Vuilmet C.
Evaluation of an improved intermediate complexity snow scheme in the ORCHIDEE land surface model [期刊论文]
Journal of Geophysical Research Atmospheres, 2013-01-01, 118 (12
Wang T.;  Ottlé C.;  Boone A.;  Ciais P.;  Brun E.;  Morin S.;  Krinner G.;  Piao S.;  Peng S.
Climate change projections using the IPSL-CM5 Earth System Model: From CMIP3 to CMIP5 [期刊论文]
Climate Dynamics, 2013-01-01, 40 (2017-09-10
Dufresne J.-L.;  Foujols M.-A.;  Denvil S.;  Caubel A.;  Marti O.;  Aumont O.;  Balkanski Y.;  Bekki S.;  Bellenger H.;  Benshila R.;  Bony S.;  Bopp L.;  Braconnot P.;  Brockmann P.;  Cadule P.;  Cheruy F.;  Codron F.;  Cozic A.;  Cugnet D.;  de Noblet N.;  Duvel J.-P.;  Ethé C.;  Fairhead L.;  Fichefet T.;  Flavoni S.;  Friedlingstein P.;  Grandpeix J.-Y.;  Guez L.;  Guilyardi E.;  Hauglustaine D.;  Hourdin F.;  Idelkadi A.;  Ghattas J.;  Joussaume S.;  Kageyama M.;  Krinner G.;  Labetoulle S.;  Lahellec A.;  Lefebvre M.-P.;  Lefevre F.;  Levy C.;  Li Z.X.;  Lloyd J.;  Lott F.;  Madec G.;  Mancip M.;  Marchand M.;  Masson S.;  Meurdesoif Y.;  Mignot J.;  Musat I.;  Parouty S.;  Polcher J.;  Rio C.;  Schulz M.;  Swingedouw D.;  Szopa S.;  Talandier C.;  Terray P.;  Viovy N.;  Vuichard N.

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